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Baby Bunnies Lithopane Shadow Box
Baby Bunnies Lithopane Shadow Box
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"Lithophane" Translucent Porcelain Baby Bunnies Shadow Box Hand Crafted in the U.S.A.

Elegant and refined, this electrically illuminated frame's uncluttered style is a perfect match for today's decorating styles and colors. Made of solid hardwood with a dark Cherry finish, the Shadow Box is a very versatile lamp. It can stand upright or lean back like a picture frame on its integrated easel back. It can even be hung on the wall. It will look great on a dresser, desk, nightstand, shelf unit, bath counter... just about anywhere!

First invented in France in 1827, a Lithophane ("Vision In Stone") is a porcelain engraving that virtually comes alive when illuminated from behind. A breathtakingly detailed picture in warm sepia emerges when light passes through the different thickness of the porcelain panel. These illuminated artworks are so detailed, that they are sometimes mistaken for photographs!
To create a Lithophane the design is first carved in wax, using a light table as guide to help our artist see the image as he works. A mold is made from the carving, and then porcelain is pressed into the mold. The dried porcelain is finished by hand and high fired in a kiln to 2300oF, and then each piece is inspected carefully under a light. This high temperature firing makes the porcelain nonporous, durable and beautifully translucent. The gradual transition from thick to thin produces a truly amazing range of delicate shadings. Each Lithophane is a magical work of art, which casts a gentle spell on all those who behold it!

6"H x 5 1/4"W x 2 1/8"D
Complete with 7W bulb, 6ft. cord with on/off switch.

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